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Find new leads or competitors by industry or location

What is SIC Search?

There were over 3,000 new Limited Companies registered in the UK on the 9th November 2021. It’s a similar story every business day, year in, year out.

SIC Search lets you mine this information. Whether you’re looking for leads, keeping track of competitors, or looking at activity in an area, SIC Search is the solution. All company registrations must indicate the nature of their business – whether it’s Manufacturing, Construction, Accountancy or other.

A company registration must also, of course, include a full postal address and information about the company directors.

Our Products

We deliver our lists to you as a spreadsheet, via e-mail.

All of our lists are maintained daily and each provides all Limited Company registrations for the period you select.


For each company, we capture the date incorporated, registration number, directors name, company name, registered address, year end and the nature of business (SIC Codes).


The spreadsheet is provided as a list in the CSV format. All major office applications support this format, as do most mailing companies if you’re automating letter or brochure delivery.


Our products include everything from yesterday, to your chosen period prior, at the point of purchase. Our system knows of a new Ltd. company registration within one hour of publication from Companies House.

“SIC Search is business marketing gold, we’re there way before our competitors!”

Philip Pearson-Every Brown, PHi-Solutions